Q4Life Plan

You’re 40+, or 50+. You’ve made it. You’re educated. You have money. You have your ducks in a row. Now what? Do you want to live out your days collecting seashells? No way. You want to live your life with meaning, purpose, and integrity. You want to give back. If you’re 40+, that puts you squarely in the seventh stage of life. There are only eight stages. Psychologists call stage seven, “generativity vs. stagnation.” Your next (and final) stage is called “integrity vs. despair.” Generativity means taking your years of experience, wisdom, wins, loses, suffering, accomplishments and doing something meaningful with them. Leave an imprint. Leave a legacy. You’re nowhere near finished. But you want to make sure you finish well. In Q4, you’ll create a life plan, with intentional living as the foundation.