About Andy

Hello! My name is Andy Garner and I live in Franklin, TN with my wife and two children. I grew up in Rome, GA and moved to Nashville, TN in 1990 to attend Belmont University, majoring in English. Afterwards, I worked at Nashville’s premier outfitter, Cumberland Transit, while discerning a call to ministry. Subsequently, I earned a Master of Divinity at Reformed Theological Seminary in North Carolina. During this time, I fell in love with fly fishing. I am a licensed guide in TN & NC.

After serving on staff at Covenant Presbyterian in Nashville for 6 years, I returned to graduate school for a 2nd master’s degree in counseling. I worked at Hope Clinic for Women for three years, cultivating a family systems approach to counseling for unplanned pregnancies, and I developed a masters level internship program for the clinic.

I am the founder and CEO of Midtown Nashville Counseling, established in 2007. The MNC team conducts over 10,000 counseling sessions annually, providing services for individuals, couples, and families. Additionally, I hold a master’s level coaching certification. At present, I am writing a dissertation for the completion of a PhD. 

A lifetime outdoorsman, my father taught me to hunt and fish, as well as tremendous life lessons along the way. I could not overstate my father’s impact on my love for the outdoors. Mostly, we bonded over riflemanship, archery, and cycling. In 2022, my father passed away of Alzheimer’s disease. He had two master’s degrees and a doctorate, but Alzheimer’s took away his ability to remember much of anything. Even so, he loved it when I would show him photos of my recent adventures. He was still in there somewhere. His legacy has carried forward into my own personal life and family dynamics. My daughter now works full-time at Cumberland Transit and she is a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) graduate. My son is an avid fly-fisherman and mountain biker. In 2018, I won the Tennessee archery state championship, compound bow. My wife and I enjoy being outdoors at every given opportunity. My family and I spend two weeks every year in the mountains, completely off the grid, with no phone, internet, or TV. I spend an additional two weeks annually practicing healthy work-life balance by going on some sort of  adventure. Last summer, I rode my bike across Montana from Glacier to Yellowstone. I’m doing it again this summer. “Epic” would be a gross understatement.

Just like you, I’ve had my fair share of peaks and valleys. I understand the importance of generativity – giving back and making your mark. After all, we stand on the shoulders of giants. I invite you to join me on a MendingLines journey. Leave no trace, but do leave a legacy.

“No man steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man.”  

— Heraclitus, 6th Century B.C.